I welcome you to the Celestial Healing Messages! I wish from the bottom of my heart that their coming into your life will open new horizons and bring infinite blessings, as they have brought into mine!

In gratitude to you.

Thank you.



My Encounter with the
Celestial Healing Messages

The Celestial Healing Messages came into my life unexpectedly. After a dynamic and intense period of spiritual work, an astonishing and ecstatic path of deep communication with the angelic energies and the divine realms opened before me; illuminated, full of joy and immense support for angelic manifestation and creation. It has been an endless play of visions, images, sounds and words, perceived by my inner senses and causing my heart to beat lively and my soul to recognise and welcome its purpose. It has been a great celebration, bringing the gifts of heaven into my life and the need to share them with the entire world.

Learn about the Celestial Healing Messages

Self-awareness and Spiritual Evolution with the help of the Archangels

The messages were given through Higher Communication and channelling with the Archangelic and luminous Beings. The continuous and indescribably inspired work with them brought the completion of writing the Celestial Healing Messages in a short time.

This heavenly gift comprises 41 powerful energy cards depicting the almighty Archangels, their Twin Flames and a unique guidebook with detailed interpretations of their spiritual messages.

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Imagine being able to receive divine guidance in your daily life! Imagine being able, every minute of every hour, to connect with the Angelic Beings and receive their guidance on whatever troubles you and hinders your evolution!

The Self-Awareness and Spiritual Development cards of the Celestial Healing Messages have been activated and attuned to the supreme love and light of the luminous Forces to bring divine inspiration and direction into your life.

Few words about the author

Georgia Kontaki

I was born in Athens, in the fall of 1974, with the name Georgia.

I remember myself growing up wondering how the world came to be and trying to figure out what was I doing «here». Why did I come «here» and who «sent» me? 

These child’s questions, however, became the guiding principle of my existence and all my future endeavours ….

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